When you been recording for years and years charlie you got tracks like this.  Perfect example of me venting what it was like for me at one point in time.  I was really pissed off at everything and ready to explode.  So i puked this song out in my parents basement and here it is.  Almost died twice and now im much more chill!  The near death experiences def woke me up, but It was Jesus Christ that turned the light on for me.  If he commands you not to worry or be anxious for anything, and you obey, that is one of the many keys to living with peace in your head and heart.   Once the light gets turned on its easier to see where you need to change and fix and my testimony goes into much more detail with many miracles in my own life.  Anyway.. love the old tracks that are like diary pages for me so I can never forget how poopoo i felt back in the day.

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I told u i got the freshest music on this site.. dope track dope video– legal drug money– get music!! LA

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Here go a video i just came across.. Erbody know young jeezy, but if you dont know freddie gibbs dude got flow and bars. Individuals spit unique thats why i like freddie gibbs.. every track he’s on he flow a lil different and def stands out no matter whose on the track wit him.  Tru rappers rapper.. comment please.. spank u

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