I watched the documentary “Transcendent Man” About the ‘Singularity’ that we are approaching because of the rapidly growing power of technology.  Technology grows exponentially every year so each year there will be things done we thought never possible.  THIS SHOULD CHANGE HOW YOU LOOK AT YOUR LIFE!!  Ray predicts that by 2029 we will have created a robot self aware and way more intelligent than us.  By 2040 we will be able to Merge with Technology and become a somewhat Immortal type robot ourselves!!    All of this is in the Bible thats what scares me the most.  Don’t Take the Chip!! But good things will come out of technology at first, but at some point there will be a moral issue and worry that technology will take us over!  Watch Transcendent Man and understant where we are headed.  Exciting times and scary times. Problems will be solved, and problems will be created.  Would you take a chip that would allow you to enter and communicate through the internet by using your thoughts??  Well that is what singularity is and we are almost there.  Leave your comments!

Written on December 28th, 2011 , Technology, That's Cool! Tags: , ,

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