I’m gonna share it, why, cuz your supposed to love this shiaiaiat man.  This track is hard yo.. this track is like you took everyone in the Expendables all three movies and make them fight just you.  You need to understand that people can sound hard that aint hard.  Sometimes people that dont sound tough can pick you up and electrocute you.  I dont care what you think Im sayin cuz i dont know what im sayin… all im sayin is that there are some other cats out there that have figured out its about how you sound not how you live.  You can fake it these days and people will never know cuz bullshiaiat blows up everyday while real talent is all hiding in the dark.  Its all good tho cuz those people that keep it 100 really do make it in the end cuz they realize you dont’ have to bow down to anyone but Jesus Christ.  Once you’ve done that, the light turns on and you see that it doesnt matter how talented you are.. if you follow his lead by his standards you will succeed!

Written on November 17th, 2014 , Top Music

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