Honey Cocaine – Curveball

Came across this video thought my fellas might connect with it ;).  Honey Cocaine def got my respect as of now.  I see her out there makin smart moves.  This video is brilliant for an example of how she moves…  She’s a dime piece but this aint her in the video… that coo yo!  Anyway.. I’m postin another video below so you can get a taste of this lil Thugged out sexy chick Honey Cocaine.   Its da flow and personality that set apart the biters from the writers she original to me.  check dis out yo… she don’t scare me i like dis :)

Honey Cocaine – Bad Gal

You ever went a while without drinkin or smokin and then finally you go all in and your like face numb like wo this chick look good and can spit.  Well I like this video.  Song is better while watching the video, the only time I let myself play this in the whip is if I’m at the beach hammered, (which hasn’t happened in a long while) or if Channel West Coast rides up along side me at a red light.  She can get it… a collab wit Da Kippa i mean you sicko.  Im married.  To the muddatruckinstreets yo!

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You may or may not of heard of Audio Push.  And if you have heard of them, you may or may not have heard this song.  Regardless of what your past experience is I happen to be a fan.  I think these dudes are super talented.  Not sure what they are grossing at the end of the year, but they def got skills.  With the sound waves flooded with garbage it is very easy for the True Talent to get drowned out.  I’ve decided that it’s not about what your bringing home every year (as long as you got your bills and ish covered), its about the ride YOU are taking.  Don’t worry about no one else, keep growing, and growing, and growing.  It don’t matter how many fans you have, its about slapping life in the face with good decisions and becoming better at winning.  Why am I talking like this.. maybe cuz this group represents standing up for what you believe more than havin just a few more fans and dollars..  they good homie.

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As you can see John Jiggs is a steady favorite here on ItsDakippa.com and you can see why nuff said. Shout out to Pillz flows tight videos tight and I’m tight if this song don’t hit 2.5 million views. Hip hop on Strong Island is so heavy its every man for himself everybody tryin to make something happen. John Jiggs gon make something happen. You heard it here first, keep checkin back for that new music especially in 2015 oh my word.

Written on November 17th, 2014 , Hip Hop Videos

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