When you been recording for years and years charlie you got tracks like this.  Perfect example of me venting what it was like for me at one point in time.  I was really pissed off at everything and ready to explode.  So i puked this song out in my parents basement and here it is.  Almost died twice and now im much more chill!  The near death experiences def woke me up, but It was Jesus Christ that turned the light on for me.  If he commands you not to worry or be anxious for anything, and you obey, that is one of the many keys to living with peace in your head and heart.   Once the light gets turned on its easier to see where you need to change and fix and my testimony goes into much more detail with many miracles in my own life.  Anyway.. love the old tracks that are like diary pages for me so I can never forget how poopoo i felt back in the day.

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I like random stuff like this.  You can shoot a music video anywhere, but not as cool as the bridge.  Right Roland?  Guess what?  Now you can buy peanut butter right from ItsDaKippa.com  oh how technology has advanced.

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This one is a short and sweet one.  Everyone I know has heard it, so that accounts for the hits it has.  Share this please and subscribe if you haven’t already and encourage others to get their game up yo!  You gotta laugh everyday man.. i know this place is tough and the media is tryin to make us think that its even worse than it is, but every now and then you gotta pick up the phone, dial a random number, make a funny voice, and pretend your stuck in a washing machine.. thats my next prank call… possibly.  Anyway.. this vid deservs more hits, so share it!

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I’m gonna share it, why, cuz your supposed to love this shiaiaiat man.  This track is hard yo.. this track is like you took everyone in the Expendables all three movies and make them fight just you.  You need to understand that people can sound hard that aint hard.  Sometimes people that dont sound tough can pick you up and electrocute you.  I dont care what you think Im sayin cuz i dont know what im sayin… all im sayin is that there are some other cats out there that have figured out its about how you sound not how you live.  You can fake it these days and people will never know cuz bullshiaiat blows up everyday while real talent is all hiding in the dark.  Its all good tho cuz those people that keep it 100 really do make it in the end cuz they realize you dont’ have to bow down to anyone but Jesus Christ.  Once you’ve done that, the light turns on and you see that it doesnt matter how talented you are.. if you follow his lead by his standards you will succeed!

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