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Like I said before… If John Jiggs was a Stock I’d be loading the boat right about now.  His stock gonna go ALL THE WAY UP!!  New Hip Hop 2017.

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Slice ya face wit a razor music.  John Jiggs gonna bring me back to LI. Dont get lost out there mwahahaahahah

Bonus Track:

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This here is from a performance way in the boondocks a long time ago.  The song is for those people who may have been part of the inner circle for a while but from early on i picked up on their selfish ambitions and 2 facedness.  I don’t like making music like this anymore cuz i’m more positive, but this here was done cuz I had to get it off my chest plus let yall know that I’m bout it if you make me!  All love here now, but the track is too sweet to keep it to myself and the video needed a song so there yo go.

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